Animated Logo Design created for Sneaker Healer

Brand logo animations are more than an engaging way to communicate your brand story - they’re a great way to boost your digital performance and endear yourself to consumers as a progressive and forward-thinking company. Over the years, our team of professionals have helped to launch brands across a range of sectors into the future with eye-catching animated brand identities.

Photo Studio Animated Logo

A company logo is the face of your business, and working with a reputable logo designer is highly essential. At Website Guru we offer animated logo design services to enhance and modify an existing logo, transform an existing logo into your virtual identity, increase brand recognition or extend brand identity.

Animated Logo created for VAH Marketing

Acquire a consummate illustrative logo design that symbolizes objective and philosophy of your business in a captivating manner and enjoys benefits of an unparallel, dynamical and chromatic logo created by the Website Guru logo design team.

Tech Style Animated Logo Design for Digi Coach

With the growing demands for more and more digital content, we make storytelling across all screens affordable compared to traditional animation. We can produce animated logo content in high volume, making it perfect for apps like Instagram, Snapchat, Periscope, Facebook, Twitter and whatever’s hot next month.

Logo Animation Video created for The Roller Shutter Store

Our logo animation company is based in Birmingham, we take brands to the next level by animating your logo design and bringing it to life. Animated logo design's are used for digital platforms, websites, apps, social media, promotional videos and adverts, the list is endless! With today's media onslaught your brand should stand out from the competition.

Animated Logo Design created for Tuition 4 All

Why you should consider to create the animated logos of your brand identity? It have the power to draw people attention and memorable to the brand. Also, the animated logos is the biggest trends right now, it’s smaller than video, more engaging than still images.
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